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Brown dominates, Power Rankings, Goodbye to Fast Fred Rahmer

View from the Stands (7/29/2013) by Eric Arnold, Knoxville Raceway Blogger & Twitter Commentator

Brown & Kaeding (Ryan Northcote photo)

Brown & Kaeding (Ryan Northcote photo)

I can remember 2004 when Terry McCarl was a weekly competitor and there were a couple of nights where he just blew the field away and won features in dominating fashion. He was in a completely different gear than the rest of the field, and  I just knew he was going to be up front at the Nationals that year.  T-Mac was, and he went on to lead the first fifteen laps of the Nationals and finish fifth that year.  I haven’t seen that kind of performance, or had that same feeling since then from a Knoxville Regular, until I saw Brian Brown this week.  HOLY COW!  Brian Brown was FAST in the 410 feature, and probably would have won the 360 feature if he didn’t have to pull in for the throttle sticking wide open in that race.  Brown and his team have to be anxious for Nationals.  I’m having a heckuva time trying to decide who to pick to win the 360 Nationals now.  Brown or Shane Stewart?  I’m giving the edge to Stewart, but only because he has won the race the past three years.  It’s a toss up between these two guys and I will be shocked if anyone other than these two drivers wins.

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