Season Championship Preview

View from the Stands (8/19/2013)
by Eric Arnold, Knoxville Raceway Blogger & Twitter Commentator

2013_Season ChampionshipThis Saturday night is the end of the season for our weekly Lucas Oil – Knoxville Championship Cup Series (KCCS) sprint cars!  To celebrate the end of the season and the crowning of our track champions, Knoxville Raceway will have a cookout in the infield after the races, which means FREE food for everyone!!!  So be sure to come to the pit area at the end of the night! (Sounds like there are a little over 2,000 burgers to be made, so food available until that runs out.)

The point race in the 410 class is a good one, and it will come down to the wire in the A-Main this Saturday night.  Bronson Maeschen has a 59 point lead over Ian Madsen, and 66 points over Terry McCarl.  With a maximum of 260 points up for grabs (140 quick time, 20 heat race win, 200 feature) the championship is up for grabs. *All teams get 100 points minimum for time trials, so basically 160 points up for grabs if everyone shows up.

Maeschen has won one feature this season, and leads the field with nine top ten finishes, and set quick time twice.  Bronson will try to win his first championship and become the first Marion County resident to win a track championship in the 410 class since Mike Brooks in 1980.

Madsen has not won a feature yet this season at Knoxville, but has been consistent with ten top ten finishes and set quick time three times.  If Madsen were to win the championship he would be the third Australian driver to do so after Skip Jackson and his brother Kerry Madsen, which would also be the first set of brothers to win the championship in track history.

McCarl is a seven-time champion and he made up 59 points on Maeschen at the Capitani Classic a couple of weeks ago. If McCarl can set quick time and win the feature, he stands a slim chance to go around both Maeschen and Madsen.

Zomer and Heskin will have a battle for the fourth and fifth place in points.  Zomer has a 19 point edge on Heskin.  Mark Dobmeier is solidly in sixth.

We will see some of the non-point teams as well like Brian Brown, and possibly Wayne Johnson and Danny Lasoski.

360 Class:  The points race is down to Clint Garner with a 216 point lead over Joe Beaver.  As long as Garner shows up and starts the A-Main, he will have has his fifth consecutive 360 track championship clinched and be the lone driver with five titles in that division all time.  David Hesmer and Garner both have four championships currently.

305 Class:  Larry Ball Jr. has the 305 championship clinched with a 308 point lead.  But he says he is moving back to the 410 class in 2014.

Hard to believe the end of the regular season is here and football is about to get going.  I’m looking forward to the Late Model Nationals and Monster Jam coming up though.  Look for blogs about Late Model racing in the coming weeks.

*Eric can be contacted at and follow him on Twitter @_EricArnold.

*The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and not necessarily those of Knoxville Raceway.

2 thoughts on “Season Championship Preview

  1. Tony Geinzer

    I, as the fellow racing fan, am salted over by Donny Schatz doing what Jason Brown did bigger. Is there any hope to see the Nationals go back to 30 Laps with No Halftime?


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